A (semi)autobiographical game with only one aim: to make you hungry. This text-based simulation was created using Inky as part of InkJam18, with the theme "It's not what you think." Written and coded in three days while learning the ink scripting language from scratch. Bon appetite!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorChristine Danse
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsText based


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Awesome 😋, Well it is almost time to eat lunch anyway 😅

Peaks of Otter!!:)Sunday brunch. Lol!!

Definitely hungry now! Remembering the noodle shop in D.C.  Must go back someday :)

Welp, I am definitely hungry! I mean, it's also time to eat lunch, but now I want some of that delicious food you described there...even if it is super spooky! *hunts down the mysterious hole-in-the-wall*

Mmm, so good. You succeeded at making me hungry, thanks! =)